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According to the organic law 15/1999 from “Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal”, through the acceptance of the current privacy policy you give your express, free, informed and unequivocal consent in order for your personal data that you may give through the web page now on clondigital) may be included in a file of “CLIENTS AND/OR PROVIDERS”:
  • My social denomination is: dypsela S.L.
  • My CIF is B98898414
  • My registered office is at Calle Pedro Aleixandre 52-11 46004 Valencia (Spain)
  • Email:
  • My social activity is: Software and online business.
All of that properly signed up to the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos and which dypsela S.L. guaranteed that security measures have been applied, both organizational technical required by the European Regulation about data protection and the regulations in force.
The present privacy policy will be valid only for any personal data obtained through clondigital, not being able to be applied in any other website, even if they are linked by clon digital.
And thus, I manifest my compromise to keep and guarantee the commercial relationships safe using protections on any personal data and guaranteeing the right to privacy of any user of clon digital.
A bit of information about this is important. You should know that personal data is any information relative to a person given to us when that person visits clondigital. In our case age and sex if it is known by our cookie provider, city, country, web browser, device used to visit clondigital and which clon was visited. There is more information that we store which is not anonymous such as the email when a user register, but that information will only be visible to the user, as it will be stated later.
Furthermore, when you visit clondigital, certain information is stored automatically due to technical reasons such as the IP address given by your internet provider.
As stated in the norm, it is informed to the USER that, using the contact forms or subscriptions, data is collected which are stored in a file, with the only purpose of sending emails such as, newsletters, posts comercial offers, free webinars, as well as any other communication that dypsela S.L. may understand as interesting for their users. Any field marked as mandatory is essential to realize the expressed purpose.
Likewise it will be able to comply through the data, to the requirements requested by the USERS
Only the user will have access to their data and ,under any concept, will it be lent, shared, transferred nor sold to any third party
The acceptance of the privacy policy, through the double opt-in established procedure, will be understood to all effects as the EXPRESS AND UNEQUIVOCAL CONSENT from the USER to the treatment of the personal data as explained in this document, as well as the international transfer of produced data, exclusively due to the physical location of the headquarters of the service providers and everyone responsible of the treatment of the data.
Therefore, the legitimation will be obtained through the user consent, as it will be mentioned later.
There will not be a different use for the data collected other than the aforementioned uses and they will not be sold to third parties.
In the case you are over thirteen years old, you will be able to register athttps://www.clondigital.eswithout the need of asking for your parents or tutor consent.
What happens if your under thirteen years old?
In this case, your parents or tutors will be a requirement in order for us to be able to treat your personal data.
Warning: If your younger than thirteen and you haven’t obtained your father’s consent, you can not register on this website and we will proceed to deny your request if we find out.
Thanks to the user consent as the only requirement, we can treat your data in order for you to be able to subscribe to the webpage.
As you may know, you may revoke your consent at any moment.
Except the passwords and credit cards, data is not specially protected.
We will preserve your data for as long as the law legally established it or until you ask to delete them.
dypsela S.L. has, so far, abide by the organic law 15/1999 of December 13th from “Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal”, the Royal Decree 1720/2007 from December 21st in which it is approved the development of said organic law and any other regulations in force in each moment, guaranteeing a correct use and treatment of the personal data from the users.
We are ruled by the 2018 law form the Data Protection from the European Union.
Likewise, dypsela S.L. informs that it follows the Law 34/2002 of July 11th, of “Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y el Comercio Electrónico” and will ask the user for their consent for the treatment of their email with commercial means at each moment.
In accordance with the law, we inform you that the data supplied, as well as any data derived from surfing our website, can be stored on dypsela S.L. files and treated with the means of attending your requests and the maintenance of the relations established in any form you may subscribe.
Additionally, the user consents the treatment of their data with the means of informing them, by any means, included email, of dypsela S.L. services and products.
In case the user does not allow to treat their data with the aforementioned means, they will be able to exercise their right to oppose the treatment of their data on the terms and conditions explained later at the paragraph “EXERCISE OF RIGHTS”.
dypsela S.L. informs you that it has established the security measures of technical and organizational nature necessary to guarantee the security of your personal data and prevent their alteration, loss, treatment and not authorized access, given the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks which they are exposed, no matter where they come from, either from human action or the physical or natural media. All of this is in conformity with the RGPD law.
Likewise, dypsela S.L. has established additional measures in order to reinforce the confidentiality and integrity of the information of its organization, keeping continuously the supervision, control and evaluation of the processes to ensure the right to the privacy of their data.
Any physical person which may have given their data through, will be able to contact the owner with the means of being able to exercise freely their rights to access, rectify or suppress, limit or oppose their data in relation to any data incorporated on their files.
The fastest and easiest method would be to access your user account directly and deleting your data or delete your user account. Any information which we may need to store, on virtue of any legal obligation or contractual, will be blocked and only used for said means instead of being deleted.
Any person who wishes to exercise their rights through writing means to dypsela S.L. with the reference “Protección de datos”, must specify their data, prove their identity and give the motives of their request using the following address:
dypsela S.L.
Calle Pedro Aleixandre 52-11 46004 Valencia (Spain)
You can exercise your right using the email:
As a service to our visitors, clondigital can include hyperlinks to other sites not managed or controlled by clondigital. Due to this,https://www.clondigital.esdoes not guarantee, nor takes responsibility of the legality, liability, utility, veracity or actuality of the websites contents or their privacy practices. Please, before giving your personal information to those external website not related to, take into account that their privacy practices may differ from ours.
The only objective of the links is to give the user the chance of accessing said links and get to know our work, even though does not offer nor commercializes by itself nor by third parties the information, contents or services available on the linked sites, nor does it approve, supervises or controls in any way the contents, services or any material of any nature which exists in them. does not take responsibility in any case of the results that may be derived to the user after accessing said links.
dypsela S.L. reserves the right to modify its privacy policy, according to its own judgment, motivated by a legislative, jurisprudential or doctrinal change from the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.
Any modification of the privacy policy will be published at least in ten days before it becomes effective. The use of clon digital after said changes implies their acceptance.
dypsela S.L. is responsible for the data files. uses the following third party services in order to be able to function properly under their corresponding privacy conditions.
  • Hosting: OVH HISPANO SL
  • Tracking cookies:
At, user preferences, demographic characteristics, traffic patterns and other information is studied to understand better who our audience is and what do they need. The tracking of the user preferences also helps us to show our audience more relevant advertisements.
The user, and in general, any physical or juridical person, will be able to establish an hyperlink or technical link device( for example, links or buttons) from their clondigital to (the “Hyperlink“). The placement of the hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of relations between and the owner of the site or webpage to which the hyperlink points, nor the acceptance or approval by of their contents or services. In any case, reserves the right to forbid or disable at any moment any hyperlink to clondigital.
In accordance with the provisions of the law 34/20023, June 11th of “Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico” you can oppose to the use of your information for advertising means, market research or development of satisfaction at any moment, as well as revoke your consent at any moment ( with no retroactive effects) .
To do that, you will have to send an email to this address If you have received adverts through email, you will be able to oppose too using the same email, clicking on the included link and following the instructions that may be given to you. An easier way may be to access your user account and select the corresponding options.
Please, take into account that our systems can require a lapse of time which won’t go over 48 hours in order for your opposition or revocation to become effective, understanding that during this period of time you can still receive messages.
In relation with the management of your data related to dypsela S.L. social profiles, the exercise of the right to access will depend on the social network functionality and the possibility of accessing the information of the user profiles. With relation with the access and rectify rights, we recommend that you will only be able to satisfy them in relation to that information that is under control of dypsela S.L.
Furthermore you will be able to stop interacting, following or receive information of the different social profiles of dypsela S.L., delete the contents you are not interested in or restrict with whom you share your connections, by means of the mechanisms stipulated on the differents social networks.
The user will be able to access the privacy politics of each social network, as well as configure their profile to guarantee their privacy. dypsela S.L. encourages the users to become acquainted with the use conditions of each social network before using them.
1) Contact form: A contact form exists with the aim of answering queries, suggestions or contacting professionally. In this case the email address will be used to answer the queries and the information the user requires through the website. This data will be stored on the servers hired by dypsela and the aforementioned email platforms.
2) Cookies: When the user registers or surfs this web, cookies are stored. The user can consult at any moment the privacy policy learn more about the use of cookies and how to disable them.
Users will be able to drop out at any moment from the services given byhttps://www.clondigital.esfrom the same website using a cancellation form.
4) Used tracking systems on this site: Google (Analytics).https://www.clondigital.esstudies too the user preferences, the demographic characteristics, traffic patterns and any other information to understand better who Clon Digital’s audience is and what do they need. This tracking of our users also helps us to show them more relevant advertising products.
We will not share, sale or rent your personal information that may be used to identify you with third parties. We can share certain information with any authorized third party service providers that might be necessary to provide you certain services.
On our webpage we offer you links and services related with the different social networks( for example “ I Like” from Facebook). If you are a member of a social network and you click on the corresponding link, the provider of the social network will be able to link your profile date with the information of your visit to said web page.
Therefore, it is convenient to inform yourself about the functions and policies about the treatment of the personal data of the respective social network, if you access one of our websites with any of your social network profiles or share any info through them.
You can access anytime the privacy policies of the different social networks, as well as configure your profile to guarantee your privacy. We encourage you to familiarize with the conditions of use of said social networks before using them:
Google Plus:
The user declares having been informed about the data protection conditions of personal character, accepting and giving consent to their treatment by dypsela (Ltd) in any way and purpose stipulated on the legal advice.
As you may know and we have explained throughout the present privacy policies, at any moment you will be able to revoke your data, although it will not be applied retroactively.
dypsela S.L. reserves the right to modify the present policy to adapt it to new legislatives or jurisprudential news, as well as any practice of the industry. In these assumptions, the lender will announce in this page the changes introduced with a reasonable period before they are put in practice.
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